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Ameyalli 1630

Limited Edition Signature Premium Hemp

Ameyalli 1630 Limited Edition Signature Premium is the discerning smoker’s delight. 

Ameyalli 1630 pays homage to and memorializes the landmark date denoting the discovery of our tribe by the Spaniards in 1630. It signifies their migration to WassaMassaW, SC; paying respect to the rich culture of ancestral farming traditions and meticulous handcrafted processes used in producing Ameyalli to this day.

Ameyalli 1630 is produced from our powerful superior plants that possess a robustness of nature’s wisdom handcrafted in limited quantities from only the top 5% of each year’s harvest.  


Our seasoned horticulturists identify the most pristine plant colas with trichomes having reached peak perfection to harvest and cultivate our signature flowers. Each handpicked harvest is carefully threshed, processed and cured using our distinct ancestral traditions and practices.  This precision as apart of our proprietary farming methodology assures only the ripest terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that a plant can contribute become apart of our 1630 Limited Edition Signature Premium blend. 

  • Full Spectrum: Dominant Terpenes & Cannabinoids

    • Farmed Using No-Till Cultivation,

    • Horticulturist Chosen Mother Plants,

    • Production: Hand-Crafted,

    • Manicured by Seasoned Hand Trimmers, Premium Packaging

    • Aromatic: Alluring and Inviting

    • Richness: Uncontainable Rich and Oily Trichomes

    • Potency: Full bodied tokes allow for an anti-cough smoking experience

    • Non-Psychoactive, Non-Intoxicating

    • Easily Absorbed by the Body’s Endocannabinoid System Providing Instantaneous Effects

    • Muscle-Relaxing and Pain-Relieving Effects;

    • Anti-Anxiety and Relaxation Properties

    • Mood Elevating and Stress Relieving

Ameyalli Logo
Ameyalli Logo
Ameyalli Logo
Ameyalli Logo
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